Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chicks are 6 days old


The chicks are  doing quite well! They are chasing each other around their enclosure fighting over little pieces of pine chips and the occasional dead fly. I think it is their version of playing. They really are incredibly cute - at night they quiet down and if I am careful I can sneak up to watch them without disturbing them. They lie together in clumps - usually a main clump with little side groups of 3 and 4. One of them usually notices that I'm watching them and gives me the "chicken eye." y'all know what that is don't you?

Their wing feathers are growing out noticeably after just a few days...and man they are active and energetic. We've named one Clydesdale since it scratches with such ferocity and can usually scratch out an area that 5 chicks will then peck around in.

We lost one chick on the second night :(

Here are some pictures. I put some feed on this paper towel so they're all on it pecking away
 Here's a little guy/gal...really didn't want to be held, but notice those wing feathers coming in!

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