Thursday, April 18, 2013

Buckeye Cockerels and Pullets

We think we've got mostly pullets although we aren't sure if we are using the right signs to make a determination. We think we've got 18 hens and 7 cockerels, although that would be a pretty lucky straight run. We think the hens have bigger bushier tails and wing feathers - there are about 7 of the little ones who have noticeably smaller tails - almost no tail at all really. The only thing that is a little confusing to us is that about 4 of 7 of what we think are the cockerels are noticeably smaller than the rest of the birds. There is one small tail who is also quite large and we're pretty confident its a rooster.

Without further ado, here are the latest pictures:

We think the chick with its head down in the feed is a rooster, and the one to his left is a hen.

This is kind of a cool picture - the hen/pullet with her eye closed has a worm that I just stuck in there. The chicken to her left is trying to steal it. The worms caused quite a ruckus that lasted for about 10 minutes.
Decent picture of one of the pullets - notice how developed her wing and tail feathers are getting!
Another picture of a hen.
A hen taking flight off the cinder block.
And finally, the chick in the middle we think is a cockerel, the one on the right is a hen.

It is surprisingly difficult to get a good picture of a chicken, particularly now that they have a roosting house (which I made out of a big dog house). The large cockerel in particular didn't want to be photographed at all. 
It is pretty cool how fast the chickens are growing now - the weather is still a little too cold and windy to let them outside.

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